New Erra Corporation $20T

Build research facility, hangar bays, airstrip launch facility, and spaceport construction yard to build spacecraft for pleasure cruises and space stations. Space cruise ships are packed with entertainment centers, restaurants, casinos… Come follow the races with state-of-the-art broadcasts, and enjoy the most viewed event in the galaxy. Possibly locate this manufacturing site north of Las Vegas for quick access to Area 51. Sister construction dry docks located in orbit with earth can build even larger space stations and later city ship manufacturing located in orbit with Earth.

Since no one has done this before I am basing my costs estimates on the Columbia class submarine which costs about $22B each and can hold 150 people. Assuming we need a chassis large enough to hold 3000 people, then we need a submarine that would cost $440B. We would then need to retrofit the exterior with anti-gravitic drives, shielding, Graphene reinforced hulls, defense weapons, and luxury accommodations possibly doubling the price to $880B per cruiser. I estimate we would need at least three cruisers so two are operational in case one needs to be put into repair mode. We would also need to build out space infrastructure, even though there are bases within the SSP some may not want to share their facilities with us. We would probably need a drydock and a Von Braun spinning space station in space to act as waypoint for customers; and to house working populations to build even bigger space stations and city ships in the future which we are requesting funding at a later date once infrastructure is built out.   Drydock ground facilities is factored into the cost of each cruise carrier.

Project Break Down:
$900B – Cruise Carrier 1,000 ft Long with a capacity of 3,000 people.
$900B – Cruise Carrier 1,000 ft Long with a capacity of 3,000 people.
$900B – Cruise Carrier 1,000 ft Long with a capacity of 3,000 people.
$5T – Lunar Station and dry-dock with a capacity of 15,000 people.
$7T – Recreational Pleasure Colony Buildout on Mars.
$5T – Cash on hand for future infrastructure and maintenance.

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