Light The World $10M


Light the World is a youth school  meditation program designed to release trauma, increase creativity and academic performance, and to give youth a sense of self esteem and empowerment. Target focus is after school programs and in school detention halls.


Research has shown meditation in schools reduces tardiness, violence, and increase grades. Formally a school largely out of control, Visitacion Valley in San Francisco , is smack in the middle of a neighborhood where shootings are common. This resulted in the students getting bad grades, skipping school and fighting daily, as they were likely highly troubled by the violence surrounding them. The situation at Visitacion Valley was so dire that teachers even started calling in sick, to avoid teaching these kids. The school tried everything from counseling to peer support to after-school tutoring and sports but nothing seemed to work until ‘Quiet Time Meditation Program’ entered the picture.

Within a year the number of suspensions fell by 45 percent. Within four years, the suspension rate was among the lowest in the city. Daily attendance rates climbed to 98 percent, well above the citywide average. Grade point averages improved markedly.” Most importantly it was reported that “Remarkably, in the annual California Healthy Kids Survey, these middle school youngsters recorded the highest happiness levels in San Francisco.” Now, at least three other schools have adopted meditation with similarly successful results. Burton High School notes that students involved in meditation say they experience significantly less stress and depression, and greater self-esteem, plus academic successes have risen dramatically. The California Achievement Test, which measures grades of kids in CA, found that twice as many students in schools with meditation programs have become proficient in English, when compared to students who don’t participate in meditation, and the gap is even bigger in math. Teachers in the schools are also faring better, stating that they’re, “Less emotionally exhausted and more resilient.” The Quiet Time website notes the following success rates of meditation in schools:

  • 10% improvement in test scores—and a narrowing of the achievement gap.
  • Highly effective for increasing creativity.
  • Improved teacher retention and reduced teacher burnout.
  • Greater happiness, focus and self-confidence.
  • Reduced ADHD symptoms and symptoms of other learning disorders.
  • 86% reduction in suspensions over two years.
  • 40% reduction in psychological distress, including stress, anxiety and depression.
  • 65% decrease in violent conflict over two years.

Studies have shown a minimum of 11 minutes of meditation is the time it takes for the brain to enter into the theta brainwave frequency which is like a alert daydream.  By training students to remain in this mindset they can become more creative, joyful, alert, and intelligent. Meditation studies have scientifically proven and documented the efficacy in the reduction of the symptoms of ptsd, addictions, mental Illness, and ADHD. Additionally it will help the teachers feel much better too.


Light the World program budget will cover salaries of meditation facilitators who will visit participating schools and train teachers how to incorporate the program into their class schedule. Neo Meditation spheres will be used to enhance the meditation experience. Later down the road a studio space will be provided to record new physical exercise routines including yoga, choreography, martial arts, or exercise, etc.


Typical 60 minute session would include:

I. 2 minute – Soul Loss Recovery – Using EFT tapping techniques to release trauma.
II. 3 minutes – Journal how the student can take responsibility for their life and problems so they feel empowered and understand they don’t need to blame others for the abuse in their life.
III. 20 minutes – Meditation using neo meditation spheres visualizing a sun inside the sphere which grows around the body, featuring relaxing instrumental music.
IV. 5 minutes – Journal any goals and at least three things to be grateful in their life.
V. 30 minutes – Recreational activity that helps develop self-esteem so youth can feel in control. The mind and body is often splintered so exercise, swimming, yoga, dance, or something physical can help bring it back together.
VI. Self-work – Volunteering to give back. This could be as simple as doing a chore at home without being asked or saying something nice to another classmate.




Goal Setting

Neo Meditation spheres are small spheres that contain crystal and cone technologies. During meditation, the cones create chi energy which cause the crystals to vibrate with a piezoelectric charge that helps the user to relax. Included with the spheres is a workbook to guide youth about the meditation process. Light The World could take place at home, dance studios, school classrooms, summer day camps, and community and park and recreation centers. Instructing bullies and bullied youth to make their goals helps them take responsibility for their own life and help them feel in control. This helps create self esteem and confidence.


Results will be documented by students in their own journal entries. Educators will be provided a online app and later on we will seek to create a free app in the form of a game to encourage students to document their meditation experiences.

Kinetic Activity

Though meditation is great tool to help a user relax it is only one part of the integration process. Traumatized individuals appear to suffer from a split from their mind and body. Exercise, martial arts, or yoga are all great avenues to reintegrate this split. Choreographed routines will help empower these youth to better health and integrated cognitive functioning throughout the school day.


Funding will be needed for:

1. Creation of a educational student workbook
2. Meditation spheres
3. Booking agent
4. Salaried traveling training instructors
5. Studio space and camera equipment
6. Dance , Yoga, or Tai Chi, etc instructors
7. Animators
8. Website and IT Officer
9. Producer
8. Program Coordination

Phase II – VR Environments

Goal to enhance the meditation process through a virtual reality emersed environments. This program combines google glass, VR gloves, our own custom VR environment , meditation sphere, biofeedback headband, and neurophone frequency devices to allow for faster learning and behavioral entrainment.


Typical 60 minute session would include:

I. 2 minute – Soul Loss Recovery – Student will be shown a virtual reality crystal cave and instructed to open the door using EFT based one brain processes of eye scans in a virtual reality environment.
II. 4 minutes –  Student will be asked to make a list in a crystal computer of what they want to bring into their life and what they are grateful in their lives, this will help them feel empowered and understand they don’t need to blame others for the abuse in their life. Interface will be through VR gloves and a virtual keyboard.
III. 20 minutes – Students instructed to toss their programmed crystals into a glowing sun in the middle of the cave and to make it encompass their entire body. Instructions will be given to close their eyes and they will be monitored by biofeedback devices to determine brain activity. Once the appropriate brain frequencies have reached optimum levels, sound effects will notify student that sun has filled the entire cave with light.
IV. 30 minutes – Recreational fun VR activity that helps develop self-esteem so youth can feel in control. Kinetic activity will help integrate a splintered mind and body . Environments could include dance instruction, yoga,or martial arts.
V. Self-work – Volunteering to give back. This could be as simple as doing a chore at home without being asked or saying something nice to another classmate.