Golden Ray Institute $400B

The Golden Ray Institute seeks to create an endowment and a multiple facilities which will bring together a team of visionary architects, engineers, artists, city planners, economists, futurists, etc. to begin designing wellness cities of the future, based on Venus Project principles of a resource-based economy and AI automation. Primary goal will to train students in new emerging technologies, secondary goal is research labs to train these students in creating new cities of the future.  Would have one main campus, a few satellite offices, and a virtual office in VR. Students and faculty will also take into account new financial models, governance, sacred geometry, crystal building materials, as well as scalar, vibrational, frequency, alternative health technologies on a city-wide level so each citizen can attain wellness and abundance attributes simply by living in these cities of the future. This would create up to 30000 jobs and spin off many technologies and future projects including electrogravitics for floating cities, terraforming technology for off world colonies, desert greening technologies, weather control, longevity research, free energy, etc.

Project Break Down:
$20B Main Campus Build
$130B – Research Labs
$250B Endowment to maintain facility

Main Campus: Virginia Beach, VA
Satellite campuses in Vancouver, BC; Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada, Virginia Beach, VA, Sedona, AZ, San Jose, CA.
Research Labs Include:

I. Immortality Beds and Holographic Examination Table Research Lab $5B

Research laboratory for life extension and healing technologies utilizing the latest in HET Beds, nano and or femtotechnology. Actual manufacturing of the devices will be outsourced. Handled by Elena Kapulnik

II. Replicator Research Lab and Industrial Size Manufacturing Facility $10B

Research Center to prototype and engineer replicator technology using dark energy with focus on industrial sized applications.

III. Medical Intuitive Research Lab $5B

Interdimensional aspect research, Crystalline Technology, Galactic Healing Symbols, and medical labs for non-terrestrial species. Handled by David Lotherington.

IV. Electrogravitics Lab $10B

Levitation technology for stationary objects, needed for cruise ships and later cities.

V. Teleportation Lab $10B

Technologies for long distance instant teleportation travel.

VI. Terraforming Labs $30B

Research Lab for planetary terraforming facilities on Mars and Off World, as well as greening deserts with desalination technology, weather control.

VII. Lasers, Holography, Instant Education Tech Lab $5B

Engineer and prototype holograms, and lasers for instant education machines for public consumption.

VIII. Arcology Lab $5B

Arcologies are giant self-enclosed cities which should be built based on sacred geometry. Students and professors will help design new prototype cities to replace to old ones.

IX. Free Energy Lab $5B

Research Lab for energy systems of the future.

X. Cybernetics Lab $20B

Emergence of robotics in positive relationship with humanity

XI. Femtotech Lab $20B

Designing of microscopic A.I components for various manufacturing purposes.