Biodome Cities $2 QUAD 2

Phase I – R & D

Acquire a university and research center and rename it the Golden Age Institute which will train students in sacred geometry and new city building methods to design schematics of an ideal smart city of the future which can be located entirely inside of a biodome or floating platform.

Phase II – Land Acquisition

Land Acquisitions of about 30 square miles for each biodome could be built in areas such as:

  1. Tidewater Virginia – Gaiadome
  2. Fallon, Nevada – Orumdome
  3. Fairbanks, Alaska – Nordome
  4. Iceland – Frumskogor Dome
  5. Dakota Dome
  6. Edmonton Dome
  7. Detroit Michigan – Technology Arcology
  8. Peary Lunar Crater
  9. Valles Marineris, Mars
  10.  Floating City

Phase III

Demolition of the site to preparing for grading and construction

Phase IV

Raising the dome while laying out utilities and transit infrastructure

Phase V

Construction of the city corresponding to the arrival of new citizens.


1. Underground network of pneumatic tubes to suck trash and recyclables away from each home.
2. Underground tubes which can transport pods containing cars, which travel at 120mph reducing commute times to 13 minutes or less to anywhere within the dome providing fast, efficient, and congestion free transit throughout the area.
3. Only electric vehicles and drones will be permitted inside the city. Conventional gas burning vehicles must park outside the bio dome.
4. 750 mph Hyperloop train
5. Sheilding tech instead of glass to keep cold arctic winds out of the region.
6. QEG or SEG over unity generators will convert desert sand into glass, power the city as it emergences into a Class I civilization, and pull moisture out of the air with atmospheric condensers.
7. Remote controlled GPS Flying VTOL drones; possibly using Searle anti-gravity technology will install and repair all the glass sheets and carbon fiber lattice structure in the dome.
8. Citywide ban on Wifi and Cell phones in favor of LIFI and slipstream quantum technology allowing for cell phone and internet transmission wirelessly, instantly anywhere in the universe, and interdimensionally that cannot be spied upon faster, not only is it safer as it does not give off any harmful radiation but there will no longer be a need of ugly cell phone towers.
9. Giant vertical farming hydroponic towers which are GMO free, farmed by robots.
10. Creation of an bond at birth for all citizens that pays a right to thrive dividend; providing cash flow payments in perpetuity to eliminate poverty, hunger, and starvation.
11. Creation of a joint citizen and government owned entrepreneur bank that provides interest-free loans in the form of a digital currency known as emerald coins which empower local entrepreneurship, creativity, and ingenuity. The proceeds of the bank’s revenues will fund all government activity, taxation retirement, food, energy and water creation, health care, and the right to thrive annuities.
12. Introduction of a crowd funding website which allocates how the bank loaning investments are made within the city owned bank. All loans above $50,000 or loans denied by bank officers will be placed on website where citizens of the city can vote on how capital is spent.
13. Implementation of neurophone and holographics into the educational system to provide higher quality learning that is faster and more efficient so that children can spend less time in rote learning and more time being creative and developing critical thinking skills.
14. Implementation of a 20 hour full time workweek, relying heavily on integration of robotics and A.I. technology into all walks of life so as to eliminate jobs that no one wants to perform.
15. Funding of animal sanctuaries, animal sterilization programs, and banning the slaughter of unwanted animals.
16. Implementing components of Jacques Fresco’s Venus Project philosophy of city design and cybernetic governance to eliminate corruption, streamlining transit systems, and developmental corridors.
17. A fourth branch of government in which A.I. governance monitors politicians and judges integrity, honesty, and service to their people. A.I. conclusions, results, and reelection recommendations will be placed on a government website which displays scales of 0% to 100% ratings measuring integrity, honestly, commitment for all city inhabitants to review.
18. Jury of peers really means jury of peers. Jurys selected should be the same race, gender, admitted sexual orientation, religion, and age range of the person on trial.
19. Space Elevator sky port for space commerce and to add supplemental lighting.


Tropical climate. Integration of wellness technology into highly urbanized areas, suburbs, and or rural landscapes, citizens receive wellness attributes simply by living there. By Integrating suppressed and underutilized healing technology at a city wide level such as scalar, light, vibration, and sound; as well as implementing systems that lower the risk of damage to DNA such as LIFI and even advanced medical technology such as holographic examination tables; the quality of citizens lives are much improved on a city wide level.

New monetary system which encourages wealth, ingenuity, and creativity amongst the rich and elite and yet builds up the lower classes of society so they can thrive without the hounds of scarcity and poverty pounding at their doors. Contains a system of checks and balances that keeps government from becoming a bully towards its citizens. Here citizens, government, and businesses work together in mutual cooperation in a partnership relationship that benefits all parties.


50% Urban Usage

The dome would be built at a density of 21,800 people per square mile living in 2.58 people per household residences. The area would contain 665 businesses per square mile with each employing 16.1 people per firm.

10% Agricultural

Vertical hydroponics farming has been shown to produce as much as a 70x times yields as compared to conventional farming. Conventional conventional farming requires .1 acre per person, vertical farming would only need 62 square feet of space in the tower to feed one person.

10% Water

Lakes increase humidity, rainfall, and beauty inside the dome.

25% Parks, Gardens, Open Spaces, and Woodlands

For recreational use which will be tropical and stay at an average of 74 degrees year round.

5% Transit

Most major cities in the US use 50% of their space for roads and rights-of-ways. If we can reduce this down to 5% by placing much of the roads and utilities underground, the population density inside the dome will be very similar to cities like Miami.

Dome Life

The Gaiadome in tidewater Virginia could contain commercial districts, hotels, and residential housing for up to 250,000 residents all inside a 30 sq mile biodome. Dome is meant to keep the area temperature controlled so tourists can flock to the region year round. The inside of the dome contains research labs for new emerging technologies and resorts which attract visitors year round.  The dome also features the Robotic Assembly Plants, Pantasia Holographic Resort Area, Pantasia Studios, Light the World Meditation Center, Golden Age Institute Main Campus, as well as numerous healing facilities using alternative health technology, tropical gardens, heated waterfront beachhead swimming area, hyperloop hub, underground highways and roads.  Includes supporting endowment to maintain the facility and to keep the attendance price at minimum levels. The main attraction of the biodome is Pantasia Resort with a 500-acre theme park and 1000-acre tropical zoological garden where people can communicate with mother earth and the elementals with holograms. Probably located in Tidewater VA, west coast as an alternative. Possibly embraces Atlantean and old-world steam punk architectural styles. Cars would be banned from the biodome but small Personal Transportation Vehicles will be encouraged.

The Detroit Arcology is a giant self-enclosed city that contains all the amenities one would want including homes, schools, businesses, transit, and support network and spacious tropical gardens and parks.  Built over a 27 square mile area in a decaying part of Detroit, MI. It will house 200,000 and employ 300,000 people. The complex will probably contain a robotic assembly plant, nanotech fabricator, A.I. Governance, Sonic Showers manufacturing and research, Flying Car, and hyperloop train fabricator.

The Orum Dome is a massive 300 sq mile Biodome city in the desert outside of Fallon, NV. The location will foster entrepreneurship in exchange for zero taxation. This would create up to 500,000 Jobs and house 1,000,000 people. The complex will contain a robotic assembly plant using free energy to convert desert sand into glass. Hyperloop train connects Orum with Reno, Sacramento, and San Francisco

North East Iceland in a region that is sparsely populated due to the long winters. This area was chosen as its somewhat close to international shipping routes and Europe. Half of the biodome is reserved for a city of 2.5 million inhabitants, another 40% of the land set aside for recreational and garden reserves, and 10% set aside for agricultural.

The land will be leased from the Icelandic government with a 500 year term. This will help ensure the region is self contained and self governing. Iceland was chosen due to their open mindedness about new financial systems and their desire for self sustainability.

Frumskogor means jungle in Icelandic. The biodome is self contained with a triple layer energy shield which is used in the secret space program to cover dome cities on the moon and mars. Hanging above the dome roughly five miles into the sky is a space elevator sky port and a platform that contains a artificial light source, or space mirror which captures sunlight and reflects into into the region below to keep the biodome basked in warm perpetual dusk light. This particular region does not get bitter cold in the winter. However, lows often stay below freezing for a long time. The supplemental light source will transform the biodome area into a tropical climate and aid in the health of its occupants during the dark winter months. The biodome will be connected with a hyperloop from Reykjavik to Frumskogor to Glasgow to London roughly 1,400 miles long.

Travel Time @750 mph
Frumskogor to Reykjavik – 20 minutes
Frumskogor to Glasgow – 65 minutes
Frumskogor to London – 90 minutes

city of light2

Lunar biodome built in a crater in an arctic region which can house 1.5 million people.

Martian biodome city for 1.5 Million people.

Floating city for 1.5 Million people utilizing anti-gravity which hovers all around planet Earth and even the stars.

The Biodomes will shine like an emerald green beacon. The benefits of living within this biodome will be numerous; for starters the weather will always be perfect. The saving costs on heating and cooling all the structures inside the dome will be enough to pay for the upkeep of the dome. QEG or SEG over unity generators will convert desert sand into glass and evaporative condensers will extract moisture from the air used to cool the dome, moisture will condense and create clouds and rain which irrigate the interior gardens, fauna, and the central lake which provides a water source for wildlife and people. To protect the sensitive environment herbicides, fungicides, and toxic chemicals will be banned from use inside the biodome.


Searle Generator


VTOL Construction

The dome could be built with electric remote controlled GPS Flying VTOL drones; possibly using a modified Lilium Jet with Searle antigravity technology. Like bees in the sky the dome will slowly be built with desert or ocean sand converted into glass and placed into honeycomb carbon fiber lattice structures. This design structure is preferred as it can remain standing even if up to 60% of the dome was destroyed. A layer of antigravity shielding could also isolate any potential falling debris inside the dome. Flying drones with laser scanning technology could be used to determine if any pieces of glass are loose and need to be repaired.

Space Elevator

Space elevator could be built from Carbon Fiber is made of carbon crystals aligned in a long axis. It’s ten times stronger then steel and very similar in strength to Kevlar. It is resistant to corrosion, fire resistant; it doesn’t weigh as much as steel. When stacked in a honeycomb pattern lattice it will be even stronger due to its shape.


Inside the biodome you will find a city of the future which by city ordinances requires all buildings and city grids to conform to sacred geometry. Buildings should not have any hard corners but emphasize smooth shaped roofs and interior walls which are more efficient and harmonious for its occupants. The reason we don’t see more domes is because traditional banks refuse to finance dome construction, but in these domes pyramids will be encouraged.

Biodomes will utilize many principles of Jacque Fresco Venus project including 3d printing technology to construct buildings at reduced cost and street grids and urbanization zoning laid out for maximum efficiency in concentric circles.


Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project

Roads will be kept to a minimum and limited only to electric vehicles. Large tunnels will be bored out which contains an electric skate that transports individual cars inside pods anywhere within the city at 120 MPH reducing commute times to a maximum of 13 minutes or less. A hyperloop line will connect into the underground grid which can transport your electrical vehicle at ultra-high speeds of up to 800mph (1287kph) averaging at 580mph (933kph) powered by solar energy.  Funding this project would ensure a steady supply of tourists into the region, and drive up economic activity for the lower and middle classes by reducing travel time and reducing the costs of living. Emerging technologies such as teleportation would not make the Hyperloop obsolete as many would still like to ride one simply for pleasure and sightseeing.

Roads will have LED lights to direct traffic and laid out in accordance with sacred geometry. Solar energy will be encouraged until the advent of free energy, which encourages the use of electric vehicles to cut down pollution. Street lights could be infused with holographic projections containing healing frequencies.

boring company

Elon Musk Boring Company Underground Skate traveling at 120 MPH


Hyperloop Transit


The key of making this project successful is attracting human capital. Developing new cities in mild climate areas in the United States is nearly gone. The island of Oahu, Hawaii is overdeveloped and zoning laws have new construction locked up for many years not to mention it’s very expensive to live there. South Miami has been built up since the mid-1980s and continues to be increasingly plagued with traffic, crime, and the blight from poor urban planning and threaten by flooding from global warming. Vacant real-estate in southern California is becoming increasingly harder and harder to find leaving few viable options to build a new city from scratch in an area people actually want to live. Since we cant find new land in a beautiful area then lets build biodome and make the area beautiful anywhere we want. Many people will want to live here simply because its so beautiful year round and with close proximity to silicon valley and California recreational locations it wouldn’t be too hard to draw large crowds of highly educated human capital to the city.

The city charter will include a more humane approach to governance, trials will be performed by Jury of peers, and this really means jury of peers. Jurys selected should be the same race, gender, admitted sexual orientation, religion, and age range of the person on trial.

A.I. supercomputer governance models can automate the functions of a megacity. A.I. governance should be trained so that A.I. views humanity in a positive light. A fourth branch of government will be introduced in which an AI computer monitors all politicians and judges through voice recognition, face recognition, public records, online profiles, and public records of those they associate with. Results will be kept confidential but a scale will be published on a publically available government website showing different measures of integrity and honesty and recommendations for reelection for all city inhabitants to review. A.I. benefits in that it is given an opportunity to work with humanity in a positive way as it continues it evolutional development. A.I. is here to stay, it won’t be going away, by coexisting and cooperating with each other all parties can receive benefit.

The area will also contain a ban on the wholesale slaughter of unwanted animals; funds will be made available for human animal sanctuaries and animal sterilization programs.

Implementation of neurophone and holographics into the educational system to provide higher quality learning that is faster and more efficient so that children can spend less time in rote learning and more time being creative and developing critical thinking skills. School days will be limited to 20 hours a week. Studies have shown children learn better if they plenty of free time to play, this gives them time to learn to be creative and develop critical thinking skills. This will also apply to adults with an implementation of a 20 hour full time workweek with heavy integration of robotics and A.I. into all walks of life which help eliminate jobs that no one wants to perform.

With the beautiful weather, relaxing intercity commute times, short hops to San Francisco, and more humane city governance, what better reason is there to live in Frumskogor? Well it gets better; Frumskogor will have a ban on all forms on taxation thanks to the introduction of a city owned bank and its own digital currency known as Emerald Coins.


Now only will a city owned bank will help fund this project, it will help also improve the lives of all its citizens. This project doesn’t come cheap. The Biodome will cost about $140 Billion and the city will cost $650 Billion. A portion of this will need to come from investors which will eventually be paid back thanks to the economic activity generated by a city owned bank which issues its own digital currency known as Emerald Coins.

Beginning with an initial bank capitalization of $60b, collateralized on the value of each citizen’s birth certificate of $100,000 each for each of the city’s 600,000 original settlers; the bank will then loan 10 times more money or $600 billion in the form of interest free loans. Businesses will have to give up a percentage of ownership of their companies in exchange for this money, with a negotiable max cap of 45% ownership.

Eliminating usury eliminates the distortions of the flows of capital, crashes of hyperinflationary cycles, and corruption on every level of society. Instead of interest paid , these loans would require ownership of a portion of the underlying businesses as collateral similar to Islamic gold banking minus the sharia laws, and loans will only be distributed to residents and businesses of the city for development within the region and not sent off to Wall Street or offshoring. A model like this was done in the state of North Dakota; despite its horrible climate they are one of only two states in the US that has no debt and a booming economy thanks to its own state own bank in which it can invest its own money. This is the power of fractional reserve lending when it’s used the right way.

Even though Emerald Coins are not backed by silver or gold, they will be backed by the future cash flow of the labor of its citizens, money will treated as a commodity instead of a product sold within the US by banking corporations. This will create an economic boom unlike this country has seen since prior to the revolutionary war.

The project will begin by acquiring cheap desert property for $11b and razing it back to virgin land for the redevelopment, a $14B for a Hyperloop will begin construction along with the $140b Biodome and $400b to develop the cities recreational centers, transit corridors, hospitals, virtual reality universities and schools, and government centers.

After the original groundwork construction, the bank will have $175b business available to fund anyone who has a great business idea and chooses to be a resident of the city. All loans offered are interest free in exchange for a portion of the business ownership. Business will not be taxes however they will instead be enticed with a special savings account which they can invest their dividends, projected at 4% annually, into a high yield Emerald Green Savings Account which is granted to them for doing business with the bank. (Even though the bank many not be entitled to 1/3 of that 4% divided , a rule can be passed requiring all dividends to be invested in the bank for at least one year before released back to their stakeholders.)

The bank cash inflow of 4% of a $175b portfolio is about $7b each year. This would then be leveraged out at 10x or $70B new digital currency each year which is hyperinflationary. The growth of the economy at 8% to 10% GDP will negate effects of price increases from this action. The earnings of this account will divided six ways.

$14B – 20% Original Investors
$7B – 10% City Governance
$7B – 10% Sent to State and Federal level so there is no direct sales or income tax within the dome
$3.5B – 5% Right to Thrive Dividend – Paid to each resident $5,800 per man woman child
$35B – 50% New loaning activity to fund business expansion of 5.8% a Year.
$3.5B – 5% Paid back to businesses as interest earned at 50% A.P.R Emerald Green Savings Account.

Original investors make their money back in Emerald Coin. Half of their investment can be paid off with the sale of real estate ($395b) with the other half ($395b plus bank capitalization $60B total of $455B) paid in full in 18 years considering annual GDP growth of 5.8%. Emerald Coins can then be converted to USD which accumulates in arbitrage accounts as real estate is bought and sold in USD as well as in products produced, traded, and sold within the region denominated in USD. Credit cards and online payments should convert the currency automatically preferably at an exchange rate of .05% or less.

Not only will all property tax be retired within the city in accordance to charter bylaws, we would also use the city bank to act as tax proxy for its citizens, with the bank responsible for paying all relevant state sales and federal income tax so that businesses and citizens will not have to waste resources on tax compliance. Soon thousands of people will be relocating in the area, escaping oppressive tax rates found in other municipalities. Investors will profit from the real estate bonanza which will be bid up higher and higher from all the retirees, entrepreneurs, millionaires, and billionaires who want escape all forms of taxation. As you can see everyone wins. There is no need to hire tax attorneys, IRS investigation agents, and a slew of tax preparers. No need for business and government to fight with each other to hide money. There are plenty of high paying jobs, plenty of funds for tax retirement, and even money for some forms of socialism including free health care, free higher education, and free food.

A portion of these dividends will also go back to the citizens in a right to thrive divided. By paying all levels of society a small cash flow it will reduce crime rate, which is often a direct result of scarcity and neuroses due to lack of money. It will also serve to value citizens of society who provide indirect benefits to other members such as artists and musicians; retirees can now volunteer their time with the younger generation to teach them their wisdom, childcare workers and social workers can now held in higher esteem then bankers, and wealthy citizens will have more money to fund humanitarian activity, as well as the elimination of starvation and poverty.

Each year the loaning portfolio will grow to match the GDP and fund the creation of new business ventures in perpetuity and or housing developments at 0% interest. And as a thank you to these businesses for allowing the bank to use their dividends for a year, these businesses will make a whopping 50% A.P.R. on the money they invested in the bank.


To become a citizen an individual would be required to move a new business into the city for an upfront fee or create a small business plan with a loan request of under $50,000 USD for submittal to a bank advisory committee. The committee will select the best business plans and if approved the entrepreneur will be given access to funding and a private membership association granting them access to their own Emerald Green high-yield divided savings bank account. Loans in excess of $50,000 or business plans not approved by city bankers will be sent over to a public crowd funding styled government website in which city residents can vote on projects they like to see funded. The A.I. Algorithm can also analyze members who are applying for loans and make recommendations on their probability of success.

Those who do not want to work or retire in the city can still move into the city and enjoy its benefits but would be required to pay a membership fee of $100,000 USD in exchange for a share of the bank which will be returned if the citizen decides to leave. This membership fee is deposited in the bank and used to create more business loans to fund further growth. Workers that lose their job and do not actively try to find new employment may be subject to banishment unless they prove they are providing a service which benefits the community voted upon by a public website, or pay the $100,000 membership fee. Remember there will be plenty of jobs due to the roaring economy. This way only the worst offenders are kicked out of the area.

Free housing could be provided in exchange for a waiver of right to thrive dividends until housing unit was paid in full. Individuals who take on the free housing option would need to seek employment to pay living expenses.


We imagine areas within the biodome containing giant garden skyscrapers with a sci-fi space-age look. Though some areas may be highly urbanized, there will also be room for suburban housing, as well as large areas reserved for lakes, parks , gardens, and recreational facilities to service the new leisure Class I civilization lifestyle.

Cybernetics Lab and Robotic Manufacturing can prototype and build robots that can perform basic tasks that humans do not want to perform, tasks which do not require much higher brain functions so as not to make humans obsolete.

$8b Pantasia Theme Park, Resort, and Holographic Studios which will produce holographic theatrical content which promotes harmony with people, nature, and the environment. In 18 years’ time enough money could be generated to repay all investors or build a sister Biodome and so on, which will continue in perpetuity.


Creation of a design lab and factory that can 3D print atom by atom advanced materials used for the construction of the new cities and skyscrapers that will be built.

Ionizing water to clean buildings, transit vehicles, and people with small amounts of water.


Biodome $140 Billion
City Cost $652 Billion
Bank Capitalization $60 Billion
Total $790 Billion

Real Estate Sold $395 Billion
Annual Cash Flow Grows at 5.6% annually (Year 1) $14 Billion

Breakeven 18 Years
Jobs Created 1,534,000

640 acres per sq. mile
43560 sq. feet in an acre
City construction costs are calculated based on Masdar City 60 sq. miles / 2.3 sq. miles




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2 thoughts on “Biodome Cities $2 QUAD

  • Maria

    Regarding the space elevator, it needs to be on the geostationary orbit, 35,786 km (22,236 mi) above the Earth’s equator. So 5 miles up not building it over Iceland wouldn’t work. Equally the planetary dynamics would not work for perpetual light as the elevator turns with the Earth to day and night zones.

  • Arun

    Fantastic project.
    I have similar smaller size plans for Asia.
    There is a place in India, where the village gets flooded in the monsoons every year.
    The problem of government permissions and country laws and taxation and how to overcome them is still to be figured out with a wealth office.
    In Japan ,the dome is collapsible and is supported by pressurized air, White dome Sapporo.