Crystal Breeze Hotel $2B


Imagine a place where you can find refuge from a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and severe emotional abuse. The Crystal Breeze Hotel in located on Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida ; is a 1,575 room beach front hotel containing all the amenities expected from your typical beach side resort enhanced with scalar, infrared, magnetic, and frequency technology. Here guests can relax, enjoy the beach, and begin the road towards healing.

The hotel is shaped like a cluster of quartz crystals encased in glass made with aquamarine and melted quartz. Lights on the ground will illuminate it at night with beautiful colors , above the hotel is a giant holographic projector which creates novel images of blue lighting bolts, glowing auras , and mystical symbols which attract interest from tourists strolling the beach. Separate from the hotel is a small Holographic R and D lab which employee interns to service the laser and holographic systems.

This hotel will contain a restaurant and bar area open 14 hours a day to serve guests healthy organic food that can help heal such as fermented vegetables, and goji juice cocktails. Nearby is a dance floor which contains holograms to teach people how to dance. Conference rooms will contain holographic projections and cameras for virtual meetings. The top of the hotel will contain a indoor heated pool and enclosed meditation garden with shungite pyramids.

The $890 million resort has a projected ROI of 7%. We have a funder will to fund 99% of this project if we can raise 1% of the project cost.

Other locations also being considered:

Waikiki Beach, Oahu in Hawaii
Virginia Beach , Virginia
Uvita, Costa Rica
Davao, Philippines


Holographic Interior Decorations


Exterior illuminated with laser systems vibrationally charged for wellness.