Secret Space Veteran Foundation – SSVF $100T

To pay active and retired members of the SSP backpay for their services. $100,000 per year per person for each year of uncompensated service. This should cover 1 billion years of service for 30 million ssp experiencers worldwide. Access of service records database has yet to be determined and will […]

Biodome Cities $2 QUAD 2

Phase I – R & D Acquire a university and research center and rename it the Golden Age Institute which will train students in sacred geometry and new city building methods to design schematics of an ideal smart city of the future which can be located entirely inside of a […]

New Erra Corporation $20T

Build research facility, hangar bays, airstrip launch facility, and spaceport construction yard to build spacecraft for pleasure cruises and space stations. Space cruise ships are packed with entertainment centers, restaurants, casinos… Come follow the races with state-of-the-art broadcasts, and enjoy the most viewed event in the galaxy. Possibly locate this […]

Hyperloop Transit $50T

Phase I – Southern California The Hyperloop is a ultra-high speed train travels at speeds of up to 800 mph (1,287 kph) averaging at 580 mph (933 kph) powered by solar energy. Alternatively pods can be powered with Searle Generators which travel at speeds up to mach 1.8 or 1,380 […]

Alexis Beach $100B

Luxury marble roads, hotels, and palaces in Atlantis style. Features a 24 hour holographic dance park with a nonstop party, holographic theme park, and hotels built for healing and enhancing life force energy,  built on 6 square miles of reclaimed land in Biscayne Bay south of Miami Beach, FL. Includes […]

AREA 51 Spaceport $50B 4

Provide the financing to convert the upper area of Groom Lake Nevada test center “Area 51” into an intergalactic spaceport for ET and human visitors.

Pantasia Studios and Themepark $5B

Each year in the United States over $444 billion dollars is spent on mental health care costs; the majority of which goes into lost productivity and disability payments. Without early intervention many people suffer, fall through the cracks, incarcerated, or destined to become a second class citizen. The causes of […]

Sea Angel Dolphin Resort $300B

Sea Angel Dolphin Resort is a $300B 100,000 Room Eco Resort on a artificial island in the Pacific Ocean near Oahu, Hawaii. The main feature of the hotel is a maternal ward centered on a Dolphin Assistance Therapy (DAT) program. Pregnant mothers and families can visit the hotel for a […]

Temporal Recon $1B

A $1 Billion dollar time travel institute and university will be constructed in nearby Montauk, New York which will provide open source temporal research and holographic educational facilities for the general public and to provide technical oversight and safety guidelines over the usage of time travel as regulated by governmental […]

Montauk Memorial Museum $392M

According to Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow, and numerous other eyewitness a secret facility was built below camp hero at Montauk Point, New York which experimented in Mind Control , Consciousness, and Time Travel . Many participants of what is deemed the Montauk Project were unwittingly kidnapped […]

Golden Ray Institute $400B

The Golden Ray Institute seeks to create an endowment and a multiple facilities which will bring together a team of visionary architects, engineers, artists, city planners, economists, futurists, etc. to begin designing wellness cities of the future, based on Venus Project principles of a resource-based economy and AI automation. Primary […]

Crystal Breeze Hotel $2B

Imagine a place where you can find refuge from a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and severe emotional abuse. The Crystal Breeze Hotel in located on Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida ; is a 1,575 room beach front hotel containing all the amenities expected from your typical beach side resort enhanced with scalar, […]

Light The World $10M

Light the World is a youth school  meditation program designed to release trauma, increase creativity and academic performance, and to give youth a sense of self esteem and empowerment. Target focus is after school programs and in school detention halls. Evidence: Research has shown meditation in schools reduces tardiness, violence, […]