Hyperloop Transit $600B

  Phase I – Southern California The Hyperloop is a ultra-high speed train travels at speeds of up to 800 mph (1,287 kph) averaging at 580 mph (933 kph) powered by solar energy. Alternatively pods can be powered with Searle Generators which travel at speeds up to mach 1.8 or […]

Frumskogur Biodome $10T

Frumskogor, Iceland is a 220 square mile self-enclosed domed city laid out in accordance to sacred geometry. Located in North East Iceland in a region that is sparsely populated due to the long winters. This area was chosen as its somewhat close to international shipping routes and Europe. Half of […]

Orum Biodome $5T

Orum, Nevada is 154 square mile, 98,500 acre, self-enclosed domed city laid out in accordance to sacred geometry. Located in central Nevada the garden city is a short half hour Hyperloop ride from San Francisco. The city itself covers 120 square miles, with 2,600,000 inhabitants all living in a 14 […]

Crystal Breeze Hotel $2B

Imagine a place where you can find refuge from a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and severe emotional abuse. The Crystal Breeze Hotel in located on Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida ; is a 1,575 room beach front hotel containing all the amenities expected from your typical beach side resort enhanced with scalar, […]

Light The World $10M

Light the World is a youth school  meditation program designed to release trauma, increase creativity and academic performance, and to give youth a sense of self esteem and empowerment. Target focus is after school programs and in school detention halls. Evidence: Research has shown meditation in schools reduces tardiness, violence, […]

Pantasia Wellness Themepark $5B

Each year in the United States over $444 billion dollars is spent on mental health care costs; the majority of which goes into lost productivity and disability payments. Without early intervention many people suffer, fall through the cracks, incarcerated, or destined to become a second class citizen. The causes of […]

Montauk Memorial Museum $1.5B

According to Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow, and numerous other eyewitness a secret facility was built below camp hero at Montauk Point, New York which experimented in Mind Control , Consciousness, and Time Travel . Many participants of what is deemed the Montauk Project were unwittingly kidnapped […]

Golden Ray Institute $500M

The Golden Ray Institute will bring together a team of visionary architects, engineers, artists, city planners, economists, futurists , etc to begin designing wellness cities of the future, based on Venus Project principles of a resource based economy and AI automation. Team will also take into account new financial models, […]