Michael Jackson Museum and Hotel

Michael Jackson helped bring love and light the planet but died in a tragic death. Michael Jackson is the King Of Pop and he totally deserves his own memorial site. He’s got a lot of records: He was the first black artist that got a video on MTV (Billie Jean). Thriller […]

Orum Biodome

Orum, Nevada is 154 square mile, 98,500 acre, self-enclosed domed city laid out in accordance to sacred geometry. Located in central Nevada the garden city is a short half hour Hyperloop ride from San Francisco. The city itself covers 120 square miles, with 2,600,000 inhabitants all living in a 14 […]

Sea Angel Dolphin Resort Development

Sea Angel Dolphin Resort is a $3B 12,000 Room Eco Resort on the Pacific Ocean on Oahu, Hawaii. The main feature of the hotel is a maternal ward centered on a Dolphin Assistance Therapy (DAT) program. Pregnant mothers and families can visit the hotel for a six week period to bare […]

Crystal Breeze Hotel

Imagine a place where you can find refuge from a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and severe emotional abuse. The Crystal Breeze Hotel in located on Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida ; is a 1,575 room beach front hotel containing all the amenities expected from your typical beach side resort enhanced with scalar, […]

Light The World

Light the World is a youth school  meditation program designed to release trauma, increase creativity and academic performance, and to give youth a sense of self esteem and empowerment. Target focus is after school programs and in school detention halls. Evidence: Research has shown meditation in schools reduces tardiness, violence, […]

Pantasia Wellness Themepark

Each year in the United States over $444 billion dollars is spent on mental health care costs; the majority of which goes into lost productivity and disability payments. Without early intervention many people suffer, fall through the cracks, incarcerated, or destined to become a second class citizen. The causes of […]

Montauk Memorial Museum

According to Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow, and numerous other eyewitness a secret facility was built below camp hero at Montauk Point, New York which experimented in Mind Control , Consciousness, and Time Travel . Many participants of what is deemed the Montauk Project were unwittingly kidnapped […]

Golden Ray Institute

The Golden Ray Institute will bring together a team of visionary architects, engineers, artists, city planners, economists, futurists , etc to begin designing wellness cities of the future, based on Venus Project principles of a resource based economy and AI automation. Team will also take into account new financial models, […]